Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Gymnastics Class

Ava started toddler gymnastics class last Friday, and she loved it. It is a mommy and me class, so I get to help her! She did really well and was excited to show her daddy what she learned that night. I love her in her little outfit and she thought it was fun tp put it on and twirl!

Bring your daughter to work day!

My office had a really great day planned for all of the kids that parents brought. They had donuts and juice, they played bingo, had happy meals and ice cream, they even handed out goody bags. Ava had so much fun there and was exhausted after a long day with no nap!


Ava was so much fun this Easter, we had Holly and Jon over to dye eggs with us and Ava loved every minute of it. When she woke up Easter morning we had her eggs "hidden" they were animal eggs so she kept calling them babies, since they were so little. She was also really excited to put on her new dress and of course we had to have her pretties on her as well.

Sea World and San Diego Zoo

The last weekend of April we went to California for a family trip before Harley is born and before I got too big and uncomfortable! We had a blast, Ava loved Sea World and everything about it... except for the 4D Sesame Street movie, she started crying in the middle of it, when the octopus comes out of the screen! She still talks about wehen the dolphin splashed her and how naughty it was for doing that. Meeting Elmo and Zoe were a highlight as well.

The next day we went to San Diego Zoo and Ava loved all of the animals, but her favorite one was the Pandas. She loved them last summer too when we went to the Washington DC Zoo. We had a great family vacation and it was so awesome to see all of these new things through Ava's eyes!