Sunday, October 19, 2008

Ava's Birthday!

Ava turned two on Thursday the 16th. I can't believe that it has already been 2 years. She is the best little girl, except for the occasional "terrible two tantrums." Her favorite things right now are:

Backyardigans, Pablo in particular
Playing with her babies
Playing with her kitchen
Singing ABC's and Twinkle Twinkle Little Star
Singing primary songs, Once There was A Snowman and Sunbeam
Talking to daddy on the phone
Saying cheese for pictures
She loves when her mommy picks her up from her babysitters
Colring with chalk and crayons
Reading books
Wearing necklaces

She also says too many words to type. She can tell me almost anything that she wants. Sometimes she has a meltdown if I can't understand what she wants, but for the most part she gets her point across. She is very smart and is such a happy little girl. We love her so much and can't imagine our lives without her.

These are pictures of the first couple days of her life. It makes me so sad that she is such a big girl now.

Here are some pictures of her birthday. Nate's mom, me and my sister Holly took her to Chuck E. Cheese to just have a small celebration for her. She will have a party when Nate comes into town next. She had a blast. She got some necklaces and Quiet Book from Grandma and Papa England, and a tricycle and some clothes from Nana. Nate and I got her a Fisher Price Doll playset that is so cute and she plays with it all the time. She is a really good mommy to her baby dolls.


The Johnsons said...

Look at how sweet she was and still is. She really is a good little girl. I love that you ALWAYS dress her up. I keep thinking one day I will see her in her pj's or hair undone. Or even you for that matter.

Marisa said...

Oh she's such a cutie Katie!!! I can't believe how fast though grow up either. Laila just turned 1, Tavis turned 3, & Kaden turned 6! It makes me sad a little plus I feel a little old too.

Tricia G said...

I never got to see pictures of her as a baby and she was such a cute baby and an even cuter little girl. I can't believe how much she looks like you!

Candace said...

Happy birthday to Ava. That is crazy though. Time flies by.

Beca said...

She is so cute!

Kristen Parnell said...

She has awesome eyes-- what a cute girl! I can't believe you have a 2 year-old!

Eric Requel and Bella said...

Happy Birthday! She is so cute!!!

Amy said...

I'm so glad I got to see that lovely picture of her slimy body emerging from your belly again! :) Ava is so cute and I LOVE that fuzzy pink vest she is wearing. Happy Birthday to Ava!

Leigh said...

Happy Birthday, Ava. She is such a cute girl!!

Jessica said...

She looks like she had a blast! I can't believe an entire year has gone seriously seems like yesterday she had her 1st b-day when Beau and I were first(second?) dating. Anyways, Happy B-day Ava:)

Damien said...

so quickly we shall be old;)

I can't believe she is two already! So I hear you guys are living in the middle of nowhere Utah? Any truth to that?

Anonymous said...

hello!! I cant believe she is two!!!!! oh my goodness!! so cute!! miss ya!!