Thursday, July 30, 2009

Pictures from Ava and Harley's photo shoot!

My sister Heather took these a couple weeks ago and I just got them back. They turned out so cute! Thanks Heather.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Random Photos...

Here are some photos from 4th of July and some others... I think that they loaded up wrong again... sorry!

The 4th was fun but low key this year! We went to Nate's friends house for a BBQ and swimming for the little girls. Then we went to my friend Anji's house for a party and then we came home for our own little fireworks, which Ava ended up being terrified of them. She wanted to go to bed instead of doing them. God thing we didn't spend a ton of money on them! SHe did like the sparklers, which surprised me. Harley was good all day, I loved their matching outfits.

The next morning Ava woke up and wanted to put tights on with her Tinkerbell pj's. She is starting to pick out some of her clothes and it really scares me :) There are a couple pictures of Harley in this post, sleeping, since that is all she does. In the one where she is laying on the table she is smiling though. Too cute!

There is a picture of Ava, where she put my make up on for the first time. It looks like she has a black eye. She also has been enjoying the baby lotion as you can see in one of the photos.

We are all just hanging out and enjoying the time that I am away from work! Nate and I both love spending time with our girls.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Tea Party

Ava went over to my moms house today after Harley's doctor appointment. My mom had planned to have a tea party with her. Ava got to pick out which hat she wanted to wear. She even invited uncle Jon to join them. Ava loved it, and my mom said her favorite part was putting sugar in her tea :) She liked the little spoon! Anyways... I thought that these pictures were too cute not to share. Thanks mom for planning such a cute activity for Ava!

Oh and a funny little story, last night my mom took Ava to Target to get a couple things and they ended up getting cookies and fruit snacks. When my mom dropped her back off, Ava said, "bye Grandma, thanks for putting gas in the car!" I guess my mom filled up our car while they were out and Ava was singing a song about putting gas in the car. Who knew she got so excited about getting gas and not the cookies and fruit snacks :)