Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Tea Party

Ava went over to my moms house today after Harley's doctor appointment. My mom had planned to have a tea party with her. Ava got to pick out which hat she wanted to wear. She even invited uncle Jon to join them. Ava loved it, and my mom said her favorite part was putting sugar in her tea :) She liked the little spoon! Anyways... I thought that these pictures were too cute not to share. Thanks mom for planning such a cute activity for Ava!

Oh and a funny little story, last night my mom took Ava to Target to get a couple things and they ended up getting cookies and fruit snacks. When my mom dropped her back off, Ava said, "bye Grandma, thanks for putting gas in the car!" I guess my mom filled up our car while they were out and Ava was singing a song about putting gas in the car. Who knew she got so excited about getting gas and not the cookies and fruit snacks :)


Jessica said...

We love the hats!

Camille said...

I've been waiting for pictures of Harley and then I forgot to go back and check them out! Sorry!
She is adorable and I can see why you say she looks just like Ava- I totally see it! :) Glad things are going well. We'll have to come visit some time.

That tea party with your mom is such a cute idea! what a fun grandma!

Jason and Danielle said...

how adorable I want to do this with Libby just haven't yet. how fun!