Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Wish You Were Here

My cousin Aubrey wrote this poem while we were at our family cabin this past Labor Day. It was one of Chad's favorite places to be... I thought that it was perfect to post on the first anniversary of his spirit leaving this life.

As we sit here at your favorite place,
Our faces in the firelight glow.
We all have sorrow in our eyes,
'Cause deep down inside we know.
The loss we feel since you have gone,
Has brought us all to tears,
We all feel pain, but no one tells,
Oh how we wish you were here!
Since you've gone we've learned some things,
We wish weren't learned this way.
But sometimes life's most important things,
Are realized when taken away.
Funny how a picture's just a picture,
Until someone in it's gone.
Then it's something we all treasure,
'Cause it helps you linger on.
Funny how a song's just a song,
Until it's one that brings you near.
Then we laugh and cry until it ends,
And it's almost like you're here.
Funny how the love we feel,
Is something that we hide.
'Til someone that we love is gone,
Then it's no longer kept inside.
Funny how the petty things,
Don't matter much at all.
When what used to mean the most to you,
Suddenly seems so small.
No one should have to learn this way,
To know what real love means.
And the importance of a family-
Now in our eyes it gleams.
Although we hate to have you gone,
Your life within us burns.
As our capacity to love increases,
And life's importance's we learn.

Aubrey Jeppson
September 6,2009
For Chad England

Monday, October 5, 2009

Random pics again...

Ava and Harley came to work with me last week and they were so good! Ava fell asleep of the conference table watching cartoons and eating candy corns. She has also been into dressing herself a lot lately and they are crazy outfits.

Harley is such a happy girl so I try to take pictures as much as I can. She was in her bouncer this morning and she was just smiling away and again in her bumbo last week. She is seriously such a good baby. Five nights out of seven she sleeps all the way through the night. She is my good sleeper, Ava still wakes up at night!

Some of my latest baking projects...

Jessica, my sister in law had her baby shower 2 weekends ago and the theme was apples and fall colors. Holly and I decided to make brownie bites that looked like apples and a apple spice cake that had fall colored daisies on it, I also decided to dip some cookies in red candy coating! It turned out really cute I was really happy with them.

It was Chad's birthday on Sept. 24th so Holly and I decided to make a cake for his birthday. He loved black so this was the perfect cake for him.

The heart cake is from my fondant class. I just wanted it to be bright and fun!

My dads bday was Sept. 1 so Holly and I made pistacchio cupcakes, they were yummy. We brought them up to the cabin with us to celebrate his day!

And the pink strawberry cake is one I made for my office, it was strawberry lemonade flavor, really yummy!

Oh yeah and Nate's birthday cake. He is a Dallas Cowboy fan so I made this just for him! He loved it and Ava was so excited to show him it as soon as he walked in the door!

I have had a lot of fun doing these cakes, it is something that I have recently enjoyed doing!

Misc. pictures

A couple weeks ago we decided to get Harley's ears pierced just like we did with Ava. She did really good, she only cried for 2 minutes. She looks so adorable too with her flower earings in.

Ava and I did another craft last week, we made apple pronts for an apple tree. We used her arm as the tree trunk and she loved getting her arm painted.

Grace was in town a couple weeks ago too so we had a friend get together with the wives and kids here is all of the kids on our couch and there are 2 more on the way.

The other picture is of Harley in her swing, if you look closely she is sucking on her middle finger and ring finger. She does this alot and it is so cute! She is getting so big. I weighed her today and she was 15lbs.

Gilcrease Bird Sanctuary

A couple weeks ago our playgroup went to the bird sanctuary. Ava had fun and she really loved all of the animals. She even dragged along her "baby monka (monkey)" with the carseat and all.

Labor Day pictures... long over due

We went to our families cabin over Labor Day weekend. It was such a nice break from everything. Beau built a zipline, that Ava hated! Beau and my uncle Kirk provided music around the camp fire for us, they kids had a scavenger hunt and we went fishing and shooting!

All in all it was a really good weekend, except for the fact that Chad was not there with us this time, he was with us in spirit though. That was Chad's favorite place to be and he loved spending time in the mountains and with our family.

Ava and I made a fall tree with her hands as well. She thought this was so fun!

Monday, August 24, 2009

Harley pics...

I tried to have a mini photo shoot with Harley in her dress from church yesterday and she wasn't cooperating. So I took some more of her tonight after she was bathed and had her jammies on. She was much happier tonight.




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Cookie Bouquet Class

Holly and I decided to take a cookie decorating and bouquet class this last week at Michael's. It was really fun to go to, but I had to try several cookie recipes to find one I liked. Anyways, here are the results. I made some blowfish cookies and then some flowers cookies. The next morning Ava and I made the little heart and star cookies and dipped them in white chocolate ginache and oreos or sprinkles... yummy!

Monday, August 17, 2009

I have been really into making cupcakes and cakes lately with Holly! Here is a cake that we made for a baby shower for a girl at Holly's work. It turned out so cute and it tasted so yummy!

I made a cake this weekend for Beau's birthday! It was a volcano cake and it turned out awesome. Beau loved it, he was like a little kid!

And then for the big announcement... Nate started the Corrections Academy today! He will be in the academy for 8 weeks and we are so proud of him! I made him take a picture in his academy uniform.

California trip

We decided to take a last minute trip to California with Holly and Jon! It was really fun, we went to the beach 3 days and Sea World 1 day! Ava loved the beach, she hadn't really been before. Harley was perfect excpet for the long car rides, she hates her carseat :( It was a nice end to my maternity leave and summer. I actually have tan legs for the first time in like 5 years!