Monday, October 5, 2009

Labor Day pictures... long over due

We went to our families cabin over Labor Day weekend. It was such a nice break from everything. Beau built a zipline, that Ava hated! Beau and my uncle Kirk provided music around the camp fire for us, they kids had a scavenger hunt and we went fishing and shooting!

All in all it was a really good weekend, except for the fact that Chad was not there with us this time, he was with us in spirit though. That was Chad's favorite place to be and he loved spending time in the mountains and with our family.

Ava and I made a fall tree with her hands as well. She thought this was so fun!


Jessica said...

You are not allowed to put pictures of me with sour expressions on my's funny though:)

Syssa said...

is this the place that my grandparents used to take us where I have a wonderful home video of our families getting together when I was like 5 years old?! It totally looks like it.