Sunday, February 1, 2009

Ok, one more post!

Last week we went to the OB and we found out that we are having another GIRL!!! We are so excited for her to come into our family. I have already gone shopping to buy matching outfits for Ava and this little girl, which we have decided to name Harley Jane. It is after my brothers love for his bike and after my grandpa Joe's love for his Harley as well! It was for sure our boy name and then when we found out it was a girl, it grew on us to call her that! I am still trying to decide the spelling, Harley or Harleigh. I can't decide. What do you think?
Last Sunday night, Grace and Kenny came over to play games and have dessert. It was great to visit with them and to see their kids. We miss them living in town with us! We will have to take a drive to St. George soon!

Just some random pictures... Ava helped me make some banana bread about a month ago. This was the first time that I gave up some control (even if it made a mess) and let her "help."

We are trying to potty train and the other night, she had her pull up off and then put Nate's shoes on, I couldn't resist taking a picture of her bare bum in his shoes...priceless!

I realized the other day that I hadn't taken any pictures since Christmas, so I brought the camera with me to play at the park, since we had such great weather. She has so much fun at the park and is so daring and brave, it makes me a little nervous. She thinks that she is one of the big kids and tries to copy what they do.

I know, I know... I am so behind!

Okay, so these are some of our Christmas pictures. Ava was spoiled this year, but she really enjoyed opening everything that she got. She got blocks, a kitchen, a market, food for her kitchen, clothes and a bunch of other stuff. Grandparents spoiled her too! Christmas was a weird day for our family this year (it was the 1 month anniversary of Chad's death). We went to the cemetary and it started to rain on us. I am sure that was a sign from Chad that we were supposed to be enjoying our day and not thinking about the sadness we feel. All in all we enjoyed our day as much as we could. As a family we wrote goals for each of us that would make Chad proud, and then we will review them next Christmas as a family.