Sunday, October 19, 2008

3rd Utah trip in 4 weeks...

Last weekend we went up to Utah again, to do our IUI procedure. We ended up only having one follicle that was perfectly sized. So we will see if I get pregnant this month.

While I was there I got to stay with my sister and we went to the Corn Bellies at Thanksgiving Point. We had a fun time there despite the wind and cold. Ava got to play in te bounce house and we did the Kiddie Corn Maze there. The next night was my sister Heather's birthday. We went to Boondock'sand had some fun, again despite the on coming snow later that evening. They even let me take Ava on the bumper boats and the go karts, even though the sign said she was too little. She loved it so much, she screamed when we took her off of the car. Anyways... all in all we had a pretty eventful weekend with going to the doctors office everyday of my visit and all of the other activities that we did that weekend. It was really good to see Nate again, but I am in no hurry to go back to Utah...until Thanksgiving.

Oh yeah and the first picture just makes me laugh, I took it at the petting zoo at Thanksgiving Point.