Sunday, June 21, 2009

Ava's new room!

Finally it is complete, except for the curtains my mom is in the process of making:) Nate worked really hard and made these bunk beds for Ava and Harley (when she is old enough). They turned out awesome! I am so proud of him for making the beds for his little girls! I am sure that they will be something they will treasure later. I made the matching quilts for their beds. I love the material and bright colors and think that they turned our so much better than I thought I could do. I stole the turkey baster painting idea from Beau and Jessica! I got the silhouette picture idea of off a craft blog ( I can't remember which one) it took me awhile to get Ava to not look at the camera, but I got one good shot, then printed it out and put it on black paper, and viola! She likes it too!



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Aubrey said...

Cute bedspreads! Nate did a great job on the beds! He has a real talent for that!

Tricia G said...

Very cute! I think you need to teach me how to quilt!

Camille said...

you are both way to crafty! I had no idea Nate was a wood worker! LOL
And you are a great sewer. I make bean bags now and that's about it! lOL