Monday, April 28, 2008

80's party and other good stuff!

My friend Anji threw an 80's party and it was so much fun to dress up! My friend Tiffany wore one of my mothers old dresses that she still keeps in her closet (thanks mom)! Nate was a nerd and I was just a mom from the 80's with the shoulder pads and stuff! We had a lot of fun!



My little Diva!


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The Rolfe Family said...

You all look so HOT in your 80's outfits!!!

Rachel said...

I think I have a picture in that same pink dress. Maybe it isn't so out of style!

Amy said...

I love that your mom still has that dress! 80's is my favorite theme for dress-up I've decided.
And Ava is adorable in the shades.

Beca said...

You are an awesome 80s mom. You look so cute.