Monday, April 28, 2008

Easter (better late than never)




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The Rolfe Family said...

cute! looks like Olivia got more than Ava. lol.

Hey cute picture on the sidebar, did you guys get some good pictures? I wanna see more!!!!

And yes I'm ok, we've just been busy, sorry. But thanks for being concerned. I'll call you as soon as I can.

JDwags said...

Ava's hair is getting long she is absolutely adorable. And my mom said you told her I look skinny. I just had to tell you that you are my new best friend :> We so have to have a play date/lunch when I move back

Rachel said...

I love Easter dresses! And the picture on the side bar is cool because the dress is fantastical beautiful. I want one of those. For myself. (Maddie can get one too, as long as we don't wear it on the same day. :o)