Thursday, December 18, 2008

Cruise to Cabo

So, here are some pictures of me and my friend Lisa. The law office that I work at took the staff on a cruise to Cabo in the beginning of November. Lisa Skifton went with me, since my husband was in Utah and couldn't get the time off. Anyways... we had fun, except I just wanted to sleep and relax cause I was without my 2 year old, and Lisa and her cousin Catherine (who was also with us) were training for a marathon. They were out running everyday while I was taking it easy! One of the pictures is Lisa on the beach doing her model poses (she would kill me if she knew I put it on here :)Lisa was hypnotized on the cruise ship and she ended up playing the drums on her bum. She was really good up there and stole the show with her "thriller" dancing! The others are just a couple random pictures of Cabo and one on the dance floor. All in all I had a blast, but I really missed my little girl and hubby!


Danielle said...

You look so pretty in that last picture. What a cool trip!

Heather said...

That looks like fun!! Wow, Lisa looks great!