Saturday, July 12, 2008

4th of July (a little late)

For the 4th we went to D.C. (Nate's sister's Open House was in Virginia on the 5th)
So these pictures are backwards, but here they are...
Ava and I after the rain at the Capitol in D.C., Ava had my umbrella over the stroller, cause she was sleeping, so I got drenched!

Fireworks in D.C. over the Patomic River(spelling?) It was so awesome to be in the Nation's Capitol to celebrate this holiday. I felt so patriotic. Ava loved the fireworks too.

This is before we were headed off to the Metro to go down to the mall. Look how cute her outfit was prior to the ride on the Metro...
This was her outfit after being on the Metro for 5 minutes (yes, that is throw up). So I brought another shirt for her to change into, but not bottoms. We went into a bathroom as soon as we got off, and Nate's mom rinsed out her bottoms, hoping they would dry eventually, not the case. It was so humid that they never dried.

Ava riding the carousel at the mall (notice no bottoms on her, this is how she was for the remainder of the day).
Such a wonderful day and an awesome experience.


Rachel said...

How fun! (Except the barf part!) Washington D.C. is such a cool city.

alexis said...

what great pictures! except i wish i wouldn't have clicked on the one containing barf!