Saturday, July 12, 2008

Mallory's wedding (Open House)!

Nate's sister Mallory got married in April, but they decided to have an Open House in Virginia where Jeff's family lives. I went along with Nate's mom and Aunt Valorie. The Open House theme was a Mexican Fiesta since Jeff served his mission in Mexico. Side note: Jeff is actually related to my mom's side of the family from Heber, UT, small world).
Ava loved the Tres Leche cake (I love this face)!

She was obsessed with the "bubbles" (ballons). She kept letting go of the strings and refused to have them on her hands so I tied them to the back of her dress.
Mallory and Jeff letting go of the balloons.
Ava hiding under Mallory's dress. We could always tell where she was!

The newlyweds, and they act like it very much! Always kissing!
Ava caught in the act! She loved dipping the chips but then she didn't like the salsa burning her mouth, but she still wouldn't stop eating them. Playing with the bubbles (the real kind).
Nana and Ava not looking too happy here!


alexis said...

ava once again looking so dang cute! good job mommy, with the pedicure on your cutie! i can't believe mallory is all grown up and married.... holy cow!